About James Jordan, CNC, JD



I am a certified nutritional consultant and owner of Create Vibrant Health, a health and wellness education and consulting company, and the author of Your Health is in Your Hands: The Three Reasons You’re not Well and What to do About it.

We are living in challenging times. Environmental toxins in the form of heavy metals, chemicals and radiation (including unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies) are inundating our bodies and energy fields on a daily basis. Our fast-paced lifestyles and stress are depleting our energy and many people are becoming aware of deeply embedded traumas that are being revealed for healing. Collectively and individually we are being asked to evolve and heal.

We are also living in very exciting times with an explosion of healing modalities and programs available to investigate in person and online. Support for Your Body is about helping you create a healthy environment in which to thrive and reach your full potential as a human being. It’s more than just getting your cells to work better or your body to feel better – although that can be the starting place. Some of the products and technologies I will introduce on this site may have impact on your life well beyond your physical health – at least I certainly hope that is the case.

I created Support For Your Body in 2013 as a website to introduce cutting edge health products and healing technologies which I have found to be valuable for myself and my clients. I started it with an amazing supplement, Laminine, which I had used for clients who were not making progress with their programs and needed a boost for their entire system. I call Laminine a stem cell activation protein-based adaptogen. The second product I introduced was the Quantum Wave laser which uses Scalar wave technology combined with IR, red and violet light therapy as well as Rife frequency programming to deliver healing benefits for many conditions including: chronic pain, injury repair, stress reduction, hormone balancing , detoxification and much more.

Support for Your Body is designed to support my clients’ healing programs with the best quality health products and technologies which are reasonably priced and which provide universal benefits. Periodically I will add or subtract a product from the list based on my clinical observations and direct experience.

Please enjoy the resource page and videos on the site and I hope they will enhance your educational experience.

Contact me at jim@createvibranthealth.com with any questions or feedback.


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