Laminine testimonials


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The Levelle Walton Story: An astonishing story of recovery from serious challenges related to diabetes (for Levelle and his brother both!)


“I was introduced to Laminine through a family member. I myself am an acupuncturist and Oriental medical practitioner. Because I specialize in highly individualized holistic health care I tend to be skeptical of new fangled nutritional supplements that claim to be a panacea. So, initially I declined trying Laminine but observed my relative that was taking it. I have to say I was surprised at the positive change in her after several weeks. She looks and sounds like a different person.

I decided to try Laminine. I have been suffering from burnout. Having in my forties gone through a very challenging grad school program and working at the same time doing intensive deep tissue massage. I had been working seven days a week for years with lots of stress and lack of sleep also juggling a very active social life. Then a severe flu in 2009 knocked my health down, and it stayed down, only improving very slowly. I was very depleted.

My first week on Laminine

I noticed some effects from Laminine immediately after the first dose, a rise in my mood and mental clarity. I had been suffering depression since 2009. The next day the positive effect continued along with a feeling of increased energy and stamina. Along with practicing acupuncture I also practice massage therapy and specialize in intensive deep tissue treatments. Needless to say that type of work is very draining, and after 27 years of doing it, very straining to the body. The second day on Laminine I had an epic day at the spa I work at, 7 ½ hours of intensive massage therapy. I was expecting the next day to be a wreck with low back pain,achy hands and fatigue. I was shocked that even though I did have a little pain it was nothing like what would have happened in the past. I even went hiking with more vigor than usual.

Since then I have continued to experience increased positivity in mood and energy and a decrease in body and joint aches. My body is definitely feeling stronger. Since 2009 I had lost muscle tone and gained weight. My body is getting firmer. I feel like I stand straighter like vitality is filling me up. I have noticed that my complexion looks better, more radiant. I have also noticed that my perception of color has become more saturated and vivid, though other aspects of my vision have not improved yet, like the need for reading glasses. But, it has only been one week on Laminine, maybe there is hope for that. When I became sick in 2009 my sight became dim and blurry. The fact that it has influenced my sight suggests that Laminine is benefitting my liver.

So far I have not noticed any significant drawbacks. I have noticed it is slightly stimulating but the level of stimulation can be controlled with the dosage. All in all I would give Laminine an A++ as a supplement. I think its ability to rejuvenate is amazing.”

~ Miklos Hubay LAc LMT

Santa Barbara, CA

“The moment I started taking the Laminine capsules, my energy rose to a very high level. It was something that I had been hoping for for many years. This high energy has continued for the last three months since starting on the product.The next thing I noticed is that my body is in the process of releasing the pain I have been feeling from an accident-related arthritic condition. I no longer get out of bed with a bent-over back, waiting for some heat to release the muscle spasms….What a blessing!”

~ Claudine J.



“A couple of months ago, my sister generously sent me a supply of Laminine…. My health challenges include severe pain in my lower (and sometimes upper) back, diminished energy and occasional bouts of mild depression. When I started taking Laminine I noticed an almost immediate change in my mood. I felt suddenly much happier and able to better face the challenges of my life. My energy level also shot up almost immediately; I no longer need to crawl into bed during the middle of the day for a rest. I feel more focused while performing my daily tasks and enthusiastic about everything I do. But the greatest benefit with this wonderful supplement has been a profound decrease in the level of pain I experience every day. After taking Laminine for several weeks now, I can honestly say that my pain has decreased by 60 to 75 percent, depending on the day! I silently thank my sister and the creators of Laminine every day for bringing this wonderful supplement into my life.”

~ Marie Boldt



“My energy level is up. I had to look under the bed a few minutes ago…..(not an easy thing because of my knee) ! I was surprised when I got up without a pain or hitch!”

~ Linda L., Ashland, Oregon