What is Laminine?

Here are a few studies/reports/editorials to review:

The Effects of Powdered Fertilized Eggs on Depression – Ester Solberg (Journal of Medicinal Food)

Stress Dampening Effects of Egg Powder from Fertilized Eggs in the Trier Social Stress Test
(Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical Research Organization) – March 2009 – Prepared by Johannes Schult

Fibroblast Growth Factor 2: A New Key Player in Osteoarthritis – An Editorial by Jelena Gavrilovic
July 2009 (Arthritis & Rheumatism Journal – An Official Journal of the American College of Rheumatology)

Effects of powdered fertilized eggs on the stress response by Johannes Schult, Torsten Hero, Juliame Hellhammer (May 2009, Clinical Nutrition)

Norway’s Anti-Aging Miracle – Dr. Bjodne Eskeland


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