The Patented Process

A patented process extracts the critical nutritional fluid from the white of an egg at the protoembryonic stage, called (PESE). The extract not only provides a mechanism for rapid transport of very critical nutrients to the body, but also contained Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, (see below) which is responsible for the amino acids and peptides to be utilized in the right manner, by “directing” their correct use by the body. The growth factor is also responsible for nurturing the body’s own stem cells both differentiated, and undifferentiated. Common amino acid formulations do not contain this growth factor, and may not be utilized by the brain in the most efficient manner.

Using PESE as a base ingredient, they looked at the symptoms caused most by our diets and environment and then looked to “super charge” the PESE for modern day use. Skin and hair health, moods (depression), memory loss, fatigue and cardiovascular health are most affected by today’s lifestyle.

Having a perfectly balanced, natural, transport mechanism, with a strong “director” such as PESE LifePharm knew they were assured that the added amino acids would not only find their way to the right areas of the body, but verifiably, are guided properly to perform their function efficiently.

They then added the amino acids most critical for the health of your skin, hair, memory function, cardiovascular health and restoration of energy, from natural plant and marine protein. These ingredients from land and sea combine to form the powerful symbiotic relationship of Laminine’s base ingredient.

Like a detective, Laminine uncovers your particular challenge, goes directly to it and returns you to your optimum health. Once it clears your physical challenges, it works on emotional challenges and your spiritual well-being, giving many “a sense of contentment they never had.” Then Laminine goes to work on the anti-aging process!

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